Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Naan Yaen Urupadamaataen

1) My Appa and Patti, the two without who I would have not been enjoying today, still don't get any thing back from me (neither money nor affection). On the other end, the girls for whom I have bought drinks in the Pub (which is actually their salary), has started their own business back in their country.

2) Working for 4 years, still don't have 4 cents has savings. Sometimes, I will not even have money for my Shavings. I have 4 credit cards, with no more credit in it, all used up. Still paying the min-due only.

3) Still falling in one-sided love even after 2 dozen love failures. I myself don't understand why the hell, I like falling in one-sided love. Anyways, I will elaborate more about this in my Coming Soon blog about my one-sided love stories.

4) Paid 1200$ for my Jan 2009 mobile bill, which would have been only 100$ if I had used a calling card. But I excused myself, because I didn't know about the calling card then. But still paying 500$ + per month, which could have been 50$ only with a calling card. "What the Hell?", I guess that will be your feeling now.

5) Writing blogs about my Vedalam and then send a email to my three friends and make an ISD call to tell them, I sent them a email. (This is how I touched the 1200$ bill, all useless calls).

6) I am making a list here, you may think that at least now I realized. You are right not. I am making the list, so that I can have a interesting blog, which my fans can have good time reading. I know what are you thinking,
"Ivan, Urupadavaemaatan".

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Mistakes of life

Non-Disclaimer: I am the Vedalam, the Vedalam is me.

It's almost a year, since I started writing about the Vedalam and it's almost a year since I wrote anything more about the Vedalam after the first blog. Obviously the reason is lazy to write and got lot of useless things to do.

"3 Mistakes of life" , doesn't mean there are only 3 mistakes one can commit in his life. There are many, currently the Vedalam is doing its third big mistake (not counting the small ones).

Vedalam definitely did a exceptional job in the first two mistakes. I am surprised about his capability. All the mistakes are not technically the same. He is having a broad range of "mistake-ing skills" and have very good learning attitude.

If you think, learning attitude, means learning from the mistake, then you are making a mistake. Here, it means, learning how to do the mistake more efficiently and increase the damages for the owner.

Vedalam has brought in lot of damages to its owner and he will continue to excel in its performance. I wish him all success in its current mistake and continue to do more mistakes, with some mercy for his owner.

Yours damagingly,

P.S: :-) You made a mistake by wasting your time in reading this blog.