Saturday, February 7, 2009

Evalavo Saaptutom, Idha saapuda maatoma?

Recently one of my colleague took me to a Asian Cuisine. The Restaurant appeared like a costly one. Every thing was neatly arranged, very good hospitality, very nice ambiance. Waitress over there took us to our tables.
Unfortunately, I don't know their language(Menu card was not in English) and their food, so I asked my colleague to order the food for me.
We started with a beer and some starters. The starters were great. Then the main course came. It was also looking good. I had my serving in my plate. I was just about to start, I noticed a small insect in my plate. Ahwaaaaak, how come a restaurant so big, can be so unhygienic. I told my colleague to complain and change the dish.
He replied me back, "Hari, what else you expect in a 'Beetle fried rice' "
I was like :-O
Thanks for bringing me there.


  1. so how was d beetle fried rice finally?:P

  2. Dei NRI, yerkanave panra paavam pathaadhunu idhu veraya??